( Sassalbo, 02 January 2013 )

The Apennines remember the International Holocaust Remembrance Day (italian text)
The territory remembers the many medals of valor
On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day many memorials and initiatives take place in the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park

National Park and Alpi Apuane Park (italian text)
The agreement for WAC has been signed
The presence of the wolf in the Apennines represents a valuable contribution to ecosystems' biodiversities, but it requires a management as well as monitoring system that goes beyond the administrative limits. Therefore, the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park and the Alpi Apuane Park signed an agreement.

Small wind turbines for agriculture and the little rural communities (italian text)
A local contribution to the battle against climate change
On Saturday, 26th January, the seminar on renewable energy sources will take place in Apella di Licciana Nardi (MS), at the Agriturismo Montagna Verde.

Park in the world in Massa Sassorosso (italian text)
First meeting to celebrate the citizen Astor Piazzolla
Amid the general enthusiasm of the village for the sharing of the preparations for the celebration of Astor Piazzolla's local origins, the first meeting ended...

Bandits and Wolfs (italian text)
The cooperative association "I Briganti di Cerreto", in collaboration with the scientific team of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park organizes on Saturday, 26th January, a night hike on the trail of the wolf.

Snowshoeing under the full moon (italian text)
Dinner at the Mountain hut Pratizzano
On Saturday, 26th January, the section "Bismantova Castelnovo ne'Monti" of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) organizes a snowshoeing under the full moon for both the members and those who are keen on mountains. At the end of the hike, dinner at the mountain hut Pratizzano

Snowshoeing not only for families... (italian text)
On Sunday, 27th January, the Mountain hut Monteorsaro organizes a 3-hours-long snowshoeing with pause at the Zamboni mountain hut and lunch in Monteorsaro


Black Moon "Wolf Howling" (italian text)
Collagna (RE) Cerreto Alpi On 26th January

Snowshoes and Relaxation (italian text)
Ligonchio (RE) On 26th January

Weekend on snowshoes in the Park (italian text)
Lagdei Mountain hut On 26th and 27th January

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